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  • Model: CAR STEREO
  • Year: 2011


Neo Auxin - CBL-IAUX-5V

The Neo Auxin CBL-IAUX-5V Aux Input is a CD Quality iPod Car adapter and is fully compatible with any radio with RCA inputs. Most commonly, this cable is used with aftermarket radios although it can be used on any electronic device with RCA inputs and gives you high quality audio and charging from your iPod or iPhone. If you are tired of FM transmitters, this adapter is for you.
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Compatibility Notes:
  1. For Factory or aftermarket radios with a RCA line input.

Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

Download the CBLIAUX5V manual

HD Quality Sound

HD Quality Sound
Get the best possible sound from your device with HD Audio. This product provides a direct link from your vehicle's radio to your iPod/iPhone/Other Device, so you can experience excellent sound quality. FM Transmitters are unable to provide full quality sound because they transmit over the radio - the CBL-IAUX-5V connects directly to your vehicle for a full quality audio connection.


All new iPod/iPhones require 5v charging for power. Many accessories do not offer 5v charging and will only charge first generation iPhones and very old iPods. Our product allows you to jam out while driving and then arrive at your destination with a fully charged device.

Unlock Mode

Unlock Mode
Unlock mode is important for drivers with passengers often in the car. When unlocked the iPod/iPhone controls and display are fully functional and work like normal. Watch out, because many adapters from popular vehicle manufacturers simply display the vehicle's logo on the screen and do not allow use of the iPhones controls.

Online Audio Streaming

Online Audio Streaming
No restrictions on how you can use your iPhone/Android means online streaming music sources will still be able to play through this adapter. Pandora and many other applications support adapters with track control features (remote, steering wheel or radio).


Works with All iPods and iPhones
Guaranteed compatible with all models of iPod and iPhone except shuffle.


1-Year Warranty
Full one year warranty. If this product has any problems you can send it in for repair or replacement


Satisfaction Guarantee
This product has our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy in any way send it back to us. See our policies for full details.