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  • Make: BMW
  • Model: M6
  • Year: 2008


2008 BMW M6

The Neo Auxin AUXMOSTBMW adds an auxiliary audio input to your BMW M6s factory stereo system. This adapter is a perfect solution if you are looking to integrate an additional audio source such as an MP3 player, portable DVD player, laptop, gaming system, etc. to your BMW’s radio. The Neo Auxin connects directly to the radio in the car which allows for the highest quality sound possible. If you are tired of fuzzy FM transmitters, this adapter is for you!

Add iPod/iPhone charging and Audio & Video output CBL-IAUX-5V

**Add a factory finish look by adding this flush mount auxiliary connection to the interior of your vehicle CBL-AUX-F**
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Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

Download the AUXMOSTBMW manual