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  • Make: BMW
  • Model: M-Roadster
  • Year: 1998


Neo Prolink - PBMW3V9
1998 BMW M-Roadster

For a no-nonsense solution to connect your iPod or iPhone to your car stereo, you can't beat the Neo Prolink PBMW3V9 . Instantly get CD-quality sound from your car stereo while maintaining total control through your iPod or iPhone itself or through your car's radio and steering wheel controls. This adapter is a cinch to install - it connects directly to the back of your car's factory stereo system. Best of all, this kit offers two optional add-ons to enhance your listening experience even further. The first add-on is a Bluetooth adapter that will allow you hands-free access to your cell phone so you can easily make and receive calls while driving and also allows you to stream your music from your device wirelessly to your factory radio. With the auxiliary add-on you can connect a second audio device to the system by adding an auxiliary cable to your order.

**Optional Add-Ons**

Add Bluetooth hands free calling and wireless audio streaming (works with all Bluetooth capable devices) BLUBTDV9
Add AUX and USB Charging V9-AUXUSB

For Trunk installation.


Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

Download the PBMW3V9 manual