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  • Make: CHRYSLER
  • Model: 300
  • Year: 2011


Crux Sightline - V8-VIMCF-93E
2011 CHRYSLER 300

The Crux Sightline V8-VIMCF-93E is a plug & play video in motion enabler designed specifically for the 2011 CHRYSLER 300. Once installed, you will have access to all of the vehicles fixed menus such as navigation while the vehicle is in motion.

The V8-VIMCF-93E will retain functionality of the factory installed navigation system and will in no way effect any of the original navigation features. It will simply allow you to access and update destination address and other features of the display screen while the vehicle is driving.

Another great feature of the V8-VIMCF-93E is that it will enable access to the factory Blutooth keypad on the navigation display screen while the vehicle is in motion. For safety reasons, it is only recommended to be used by passengers while the vehicle is in motion.

If you’re looking to unlock the factory navigation display screen in your 2011 CHRYSLER 300, the Crux Sightline V8-VIMCF-93E is for you!

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Compatibility Notes:
  1. Must have 8.4" UConnect Radio

Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

Download the V8VIMCF93E manual