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  • Make: DODGE
  • Model: RAM 2500
  • Year: 2016


Sightline - V8-RVCCH-75D
2016 DODGE RAM 2500

The Sightline V8-RVCCH-75D is a video integration kit designed specifically for Dodge Ram trucks equipped with Uconnect systems. Once installed the adapter enables the backup camera feature of the 2016 DODGE RAM 2500, just as if it came from the factory with the backup camera included.

This adapter is a complete kit, which includes the video integration adapter, vehicle specific video input adapter designed and programmed specifically for Uconnect radios, as well as the Dodge Ram handle backup camera. This kit is designed with the end user in mind and features a plug & play design, allowing an easy installation which can be done by almost anyone.

The rear view camera feature of the V8-RVCCH-75D it identical to the OEM original feature and will automatically switch the display screen in the 2016 DODGE RAM 2500 into rearview camera mode when the vehicle is switched into reverse, providing a safe driving environment for you, your passengers and anyone or anything surrounding your vehicle.

If you are looking to add a video input and a backup camera to you 2016 DODGE RAM 2500, the Sightline V8-RVCCH-75D is one of the best solutions on the market and available at a fraction of the price when compared to the dealership.

The V8-RVCCH-75D is compatible with the 8.4” Uconnect radio, the 5” Uconnect radio with 6 buttons and 2 knobs, as well as the 4.3” Uconnect radio with 6 buttons and 2 knobs.

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Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

Download the V8RVCCH75D manual


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Full one year warranty. If this product has any problems you can send it in for repair or replacement


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Fully Automatic Reverse Camera
This is a safety driven product designed to provide you with piece of mind when backing up in your vehicle. With this product installed you will be able to add any 12VOLT camera to your existing factory full color screen and have it display automatically on your screen when the vehicle is shifted into reverse.