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  • Make: HONDA
  • Model: ACCORD
  • Year: 2003


Neo Beeline - BHD28V8

The Neo Beeline BHD28V8 is a direct connect Bluetooth adapter that will seamlessly integrate with your HONDA ACCORD. This adapter allows you to wirelessly make and receive phone calls from any cell phone with Bluetooth capabilities using the factory radio. With this adapter connected the user can make calls using the existing steering wheel controls in the vehicle or hands free using the voice dialing feature. When an incoming call is received this kit will automatically mute any other source and announce either the caller’s name or phone number through the radio’s speakers. The incoming call can be answered simply by using the radio or steering wheel controls, the call will be heard through the speakers in the vehicle. All audio sources will resume where they left off as soon as the call is ended.

The BHD28V8 has an added bonus of allowing the user to stream music from any A2DP equipped device to their factory radio wirelessly! Music will be heard in HD Quality sound through the front speakers in your HONDA ACCORD. You will also be able to control volume and tracks from the steering wheel controls.

**Audio is only heard through front speakers**
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Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

Download the BHD28V8 manual