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  • Make: MERCEDES
  • Model: S-Class
  • Year: 2004

The Bluetooth Car Kits(s) that work with your 2004 MERCEDES S-Class

Bluetooth Car Kits

Bluetooth adapters are a simple way to connect your phone to your factory car radio. Once you pair your phone to the Bluetooth kit your phone and car stereo will be fully integrated. You will hear callers over your vehicles speakers while the directional microphone allows callers to hear you clearly with no headset or wires. If your phone has "A2DP" support you can stream and control music on most kits from music on your phone or even from Pandora.


Bluetooth Handsfree, HD Quality Sound, Simple Control From Radio, Text Display(on supported radios), Flash Upgradable, Online Audio Streaming

Was:     $714.99
Sale:     $649.99



Neo BluLink - V6-ISFM2351

Bluetooth Handsfree, A2DP Wireless BT Audio, Online Audio Streaming, Universal Adapter, Direct FM Adapter

Was:     $120.99
Sale:     $109.99

Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

*Not compatible with M.O.S.T fiber optic vehicles.



Neo FM Bluetooth Adapter - FMBT

Bluetooth Handsfree, A2DP Wireless BT Audio, Universal Bluetooth Handsfree, HD Quality Sound, Auxiliary Input (3.5mm), Online Audio Streaming, Universal Adapter

Was:     $87.99
Sale:     $79.99