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  • Model: L300
  • Year: 2013

The FM Transmitter(s) that work with your 2013 MITSUBISHI L300

FM Transmitter

FM Transmitters come in two varieties. Portable FM Adapters are most popular and use an available FM station to wirelessly transmits the signal to your factory car radio. These are easy to swap between vehicles so you are always connected to your music. Direct FM Adapters connect to your radio via the FM Antenna Port provide an installed solution that offers superior sound quality.

Neo Auxin - AUXISFM31V6

Auxiliary Input (3.5mm), Portable FM Adapter

Was:     $49.99
Sale:     $44.95


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Mini FM Transmitter - FMMINI

Universal Adapter, Portable FM Adapter

Was:     $21.99
Sale:     $19.99


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Neo JamKast - PODISFM71V6

Was:     $65.99
Sale:     $59.99


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Lightning Connection FM Modulator - V6-IS7705

Charging, Online Audio Streaming, Direct FM Adapter, Works with all Lightning iPods and iPhones

Was:     $120.99
Sale:     $109.99

Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

*Not compatible with M.O.S.T fiber optic vehicles.


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