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  • Make: NISSAN
  • Model: ALTIMA
  • Year: 2010

The Aux Input(s) that work with your 2010 NISSAN ALTIMA

Aux Input

Auxiliary adapters connect any device with a headphone jack to your factory radio with full HD quality sound. A single cable comes from your radio and gives you the same sound that you get from your home stereo in your vehicle. Connect any MP3 player, any phone with an earphone jack, most GPS units (even a Tape Player) directly to your radio without the use of low quality FM transmitters degrading your experience.

Neo Auxin - ANIS1V9

HD Quality Sound, Auxiliary Input (3.5mm), Universal Adapter, 1-Year Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee

Was:     $87.99
Sale:     $79.99

Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

*Radio must have satellite radio support. Satellite radio does not need to be active or installed. This can be indicated in many ways, such as having a BAND, SAT, CAT, or XM button on the face of the radio. If you are unsure please contact us.


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Neo Auxin - AUXNIS2GV6

Was:     $98.99
Sale:     $89.99


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