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  • Make: PORSCHE
  • Model: CAYMAN
  • Year: 2012


Porsche Radio Replacement Kit - NTV-KIT210

The NTV-KIT210 allows you to replace the factory stereo in the 2012 PORSCHE CAYMAN and retain use of the factory Bose amplifier. Only Kenwood and Alpine radios are supported.

With only 5 wires to connect to the vehicle, installation is a breeze. The NTV-KIT210 includes an antenna adapter allowing you to convert the existing antenna connections that come stock with the 2012 PORSCHE to fit into your new aftermarket radio. Fiber optic extension cables are also included.

The kit will supply power, illumination, VSS (vehicle speed pulse), foot and parking break signals, and infrared steering wheel commands to Alpine and Kenwood aftermarket radios.

Note: If the vehicle does not have the Bose audio system, the speaker wires will need to be hardwired into the factory harness for the original radio. Some vehicles use a secondary amplifier for the subwoofer and may need to be connected to the new aftermarket radio.

A high quality dash kit is recommended for a professional look and are available in black and silver.

Black - NTV-KIT372
Silver - NTV-KIT373
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Was: $714.99

Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

Download the NTVKIT210 manual