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Neo Bluetooth 2.0 - BMZ4V9

The Neo Bluetooth 2.0 BMZ4V9 is a is a Plug & Play Bluetooth adapter for the vehicle which will allow you to stream both music and phone calls to your factory radio from any Bluetooth enabled device including iPhone, iPod, Android and more!

The BMZ4V9 will upgrade your factory radio providing you with the upgraded features that most newer vehicles come with including music streaming from online apps such as Pandora, music saved on your phone, phone calls with the touch of the factory radios button and steering wheel controls, text display (on supported radios) and more!

This Plug & Play kit comes complete with everything you need to install Bluetooth in a vehicle including the module, microphone, vehicle specific harness for the vehicle, USB input cable, and instructions, leaving you with a complete Plug & Play Bluetooth adapter for a fraction of the price of the dealership charges!

If you’re sick of using FM transmitters, and want to upgrade your vehicle with a premium OEM style Bluetooth kit, the Neo Bluetooth 2.0 BMZ4V9 is for you!

USB Input for Android & iPhone – FREE (Included with kit)
Auxiliary Input Cable w/ USB Charging - V9-AUXUSB
In Stock
Was: $230.99

Compatibility Notes:
  1. Not Compatible with vehicles that have Factory Navigation Radio System.
  2. Radio firmware must be between 9.55 or higher. 9.81 and 10.01 are not supported(To find out your FW version, make sure the radio (FM) is turned on with the engine running. Then press and hold "TEXT" and "1" simultaneously for 5 seconds. The FW version will appear on the radios display.)
  3. Not compatible with MP3 radio.
  4. Some Mazda radios requires a modification inside the radio. It is simple to do but requires some soldering. Contact us for further details

Special adapters are available for incompatible vehicles - Call 1-619-704-0700 or contact us.

Download the BMZ4V9 manual


iPod / iPhone / Android Car Kit
Designed to connect ALL Apple (including iPhone 5) and Android devices seamlessly to your factory radio for music playback.

Bluetooth Handsfree

Bluetooth Handsfree
Allows you to make and receive phone calls wirelessly. When calls are received your music will pause and a single button press on the phone or radio will accept the call. The call will then be heard over the speakers in the car. When done, just another button press ends the call, all without taking the phone out of your pocket.


A2DP Wireless BT Audio
This kit comes with a wireless audio and basic track control feature that will use A2DP and AVRCP on select smartphones.

HD Quality Sound

HD Quality Sound
Get the best possible sound from your device with HD Audio. This product provides a direct link from your vehicle's radio to your iPod/iPhone/Other Device, so you can experience excellent sound quality. FM Transmitters are unable to provide full quality sound because they transmit over the radio - the BMZ4V9 connects directly to your vehicle for a full quality audio connection.


All new iPod/iPhones require 5v charging for power. Many accessories do not offer 5v charging and will only charge first generation iPhones and very old iPods. Our product allows you to jam out while driving and then arrive at your destination with a fully charged device.

Simple Control From Radio

Simple Control From Radio
Control your audio device using the buttons on your radio. Next track, previous track, and volume control are all basic features we take for granted. This adapter integrates these important car stereo features with your device allowing the car to have control. If you have steering wheel radio controls they will work for your iPod and iPhone.

Advanced Control From Radio

Advanced Control From Radio
In addition to basic track controls you will be able to fully control your iPod/iPhone from the car stereo. Exact features and integration depends on your vehicle, but most of the time you will be able to browse songs, playlists, artists, albums, and genres with the buttons on your car stereo.

Unlock Mode

Unlock Mode
Unlock mode is important for drivers with passengers often in the car. When unlocked the iPod/iPhone controls and display are fully functional and work like normal. Watch out, because many adapters from popular vehicle manufacturers simply display the vehicle's logo on the screen and do not allow use of the iPhones controls.

Text Display(on supported radios)

Text Display(on supported radios)
This adapter will clearly display artist and song information on your factory radio's digital display. Radio must be capable of displaying text information. This allows a safer driving experience as the radio display is designed to be safely viewed by the driver.


When you turn off the radio, answer a phone call, or disconnect from your vehicle, the song playing will automatically pause. Turning the radio back on, hanging up the call, or connecting your iPod back to the radio, will cause the song to resume playback right where it left off. This feature is especially good for audio books and long DJ mixes.

Flash Upgradable

Flash Upgradable
Vehicles are always changing, Apple is always updating the iPod/iPhone features, and new technologies continue to push forward. Having an adapter that is USB upgradable allows for more possibilities when connecting to new devices and vehicles.


This feature allows you to play songs over and over again or on random. From your radio buttons, you can control and change how the music is organized with just a single press.

Online Audio Streaming

Online Audio Streaming
No restrictions on how you can use your iPhone/Android means online streaming music sources will still be able to play through this adapter. Pandora and many other applications support adapters with track control features (remote, steering wheel or radio).


Optional Aux Input
Auxiliary input allows you to connect any device that has audio output. Once connected the devices audio will output on your car's stereo system, with the best sound quality available. This is a great feature for connecting laptops, mp3 players, DVD players, music phones, Bluetooth kits, hands-free systems, and more.


Works with All iPods and iPhones
Guaranteed compatible with all models of iPod and iPhone except shuffle.


1-Year Warranty
Full one year warranty. If this product has any problems you can send it in for repair or replacement


Satisfaction Guarantee
This product has our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy in any way send it back to us. See our policies for full details.


Works with all Lightning iPods and iPhones
This cable kit works with all iphones and ipods that have the lightning connector.

Compatibility List: